Think Pho, Love Pho, Eat Pho!
Think Pho, Love Pho, Eat Pho!

About us

We, at Eat Pho are a traditional family-run business, that uses traditional recipes which has been passed down for many generations to get where it is today.  


Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. We thrive in the uses of fresh herbs, oriental spices and selective cuts of meats to create distinctive Vietnamese flavours.


We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard of traditional cooking in a 5* Food Hygiene rated establishment, with an open kitchen. Making everything from scratch, using the finest ingredients, sourced from local suppliers to importers of Vietnam.


Our goals are to give you the authentic and traditional dining experience of the Vietnamese cuisine.   

The casual setting off wooden tables, chairs and a warm lit lighting with VPops music in the background. Will surely give you a feeling as if you are in Vietnam.

    We accept reservation.          NO SERVICE CHARGE            Book Now!

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